Dasqua 5121-1105 Shock Proof Precision Dial Gauge DIN878 Dial Indicator 0-10 mm High Precision with 0.017mm Accuracy

  • DIN 878

● Jeweled bearing can reduce the friction, making higher sensitivity and quick response ability.

● Oxidation treatment has been given on gear, rack, clamping piece and clamping plate.

● Measuring rod nearly does not wobble. Both the sleeve reamed hole and measuring rod are very smooth when gripped.





6 Ruby Bearing : The ruby bearing minimizes friction between the gear and axle shaft and ensures smooth movement, resulting in precise and reliable measurements.

Durable and robust: embedded copper sleeve and inner electroplating, resists oxidation and is extremely durable.

Precision Grinding: Achieve unparalleled accuracy through meticulous grinding and precision machining of the measuring rod and socket, ensuring seamless operation and exceptional concentricity.

.Easy Readability: The ultra-fine black graduations are designed for continuous readings from 0 to 100, while the red scale facilitates balanced readings of 0-50-0. Clockwise and counterclockwise readings are both intuitive, expanding the range of applications and enhancing ease of use.

High-Quality Tool: An extra-long spring ensures stable measuring force, while the knurled bezel for easy rotation, complemented by tolerance indicators and a locking mechanism, allows for quicker size determinations.


• High quality material and precision machining process ensure product quality;
• A traceable QC system is worthy of your trust;
• Efficient warehouse and logistics management ensure your delivery time;
• A two-year warranty makes you without the worries behind;

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Package Content

1 x Dial Indicator
1 x Protective Case
1 x Warranty Letter
1 x Calibration Certificate
1 x Lug Back (optional)

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unite: mm

Code Range Graduation Style Accuracy Hysteresis
5121-1105 0-10 0.01 flat back 0.017 0.003
5121-1205 0-10 0.01 lug back 0.017 0.003



Code A B C D L
5121-1105 10.5 φ58 φ8 18.5 φ55
5121-1205 10.5 φ58 φ8 18.5 φ55