PROMOTION! Angle Precision V-Block & Clamp Set Multi-Use Gauge Gage Machinist Tool Accessories from DASQUA®

When Dasqua starts to work on machine tool accessories, we got Precise Vice as:

Squareness of Dasqua vice ≤0.005mm; 

Parallelism of Dasqua vice ≤0.003mm;

We selected hardened & stabilized material Precisely ground to mirror finish;

30% more precise than most on market that can provide better processing accuracy to you.

DASQUA’s V-angle 90°clamping brackets can be used to check cylindrical precision machined parts.

As the sales season comes, we are promoting two models of heavy-duty caliper as following picture:

machine tool accessories

BTW, we still keep focusing on metrology solutions, W-H-A-T-’S more, Dasqua Christmas promo is coming soon!!!

Post time: Oct-18-2021