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Calipers are one of the most common tools that mechanists use to measure the straight distance between two points and diameter of round objects or holes.. DASQUA has a wide range of calipers. Heavy-Duty Caliper is the most cost-effective serie.

Our heavy-duty calipers are not only of reliable and stable industrial quality, but also very competitive in price. With same accuracy in the market, our quality is more stable, and our price is around 20% less expensive.

As the sales season comes, we are promoting two models of heavy-duty caliper as following:

1.DASQUA 500mm / 20 inches Hardened Stainless Steel Measurement Tool Monoblock Vernier Caliper with Nib Style Jaws


Product Name: 500mm Heavy-Duty Monoblock Vernier Caliper
Item Number: 1310-0005
Measuring Range: 0~500mm / 0~20’’
Graduation: 0.02mm / 0.001’’
Accuracy: 0.05mm / 1/128’’
Warranty: Two Years


• With fine adjustment, fixed measurement, easy to use;
• Hardened ground jaws with precision lapped measuring faces, more durable;
• Satin chrome finish ,hardened stainless steel throughout, longer life span;
• Distinct lines and figures etched against satin chrome finish, scale is easy to read;
• Two usages for measuring outside diameter, inside diameter

2.DASQUA 500mm / 20 inches IP54 Waterproof Heavy Duty Digital Caliper


Product Name: 500mm Heavy-Duty Digital Caliper
Item Number: 2220-8110
Measuring Range: 0~500mm / 0~20’’
Graduation: 0.01mm / 0.0005’’
Accuracy: 0.05mm / 1/128’’
Warranty: Two Years


• With sturdy frame and big size for high stability
• Made of solid stainless steel
• Strictly made in accordance with DIN862
• With fine adjustment
• With Data-Output and Metric-Inch-Fraction Conversion function

Why DASQUA’s Heavy Duty Calipers:

1.Strictly made in accordance with heavy duty Calipers;
Most heavy-duty calipers on the market have a width of 17mm, but our 300mm big calipers widths are made to 20mm, 500mm to 24mm, 1000mm to 30mm;

2.Our big calipers’ accuracy is 20% higher than the regular calipers on the market,
The accuracy of 300mm big caliper is made to 0.04mm, 500mm to 0.05mm, 1 meter to 0.06mm, while strictly controlling the parallelism of the lower claws in accordance with the German DIN862 standard. our 300mm big caliper claw’s parallelism is controlled to less than 0.005mm;

3.With good sense of smooth movement and accurate measurement value
With fine grinding and strict control of the parallelism of the beam, our 300mm caliper’s beam parallel degree is made to 0.015mm, 1000mm caliper’s made to less than 0.03mm;

4.Longer life span
With overall vacuum quenching, high-quality stainless steel, overall hardness is controlled at 52.5HRC;

5.Protection Degree: IP54, large display screen for easy reading. Size of number showed on the screen is close to 13mm;

6.The lower claw arc claws, with preset function, can measure the size of both the inner hole and outer diameter.

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