When Dasqua embarked on supplying machinist calipers in Nord Italy, most of us looked at 2020 as the future. But today we are here! The blue Dasqua are now deemed to be the symbol of reliability in our field. Combining both the tradition and spirit, with headquarters inLodi, Italy, and two additional fulfillment facility strategically located in Los Angles.(for Pan-America) ,and Shanghai(for Asia area),Dasqua is currently serving customers in more than 50 countries globally.

The past decades have witnessed a significant change at Dasqua. And the results were driven by an array of tiny improvements. In 2008, we launched the first rechargeable digital caliper in the world, with granted patent. Last year, we changed to a latest carbide material for micrometer anvils. This new carbide replaces the traditional YG6 carbide which would naturally wear off, so now we have long-lasting accuracy assured. We also started making precision ground STAINLESS STEEL threading rod this year to instead the alloy steel or carbon steel rods used for transmission of measurement. This change is a substantive innovation for movement in worksites where water or oil is a problem. These small improvements are sending ripples across the of our industry. And now we are working on a wireless data transmission system covering major measuring tools, optimizing manufacturing and QC management.


Above all, no matter it is a marble-material plate sourced from China or a 100% European made 0.001mm graduation dial test indicator, we deliver you with pride and confidence----when it comes to precision measurement, Dasqua makes the difference in the lineup. Our statement of core value as well as our long cultivated common culture at Dasqua is: Honest; Reliability; Responsibility. ---------H.R.R

Facing with the keen competition and continuing requirement of customers, we quite understand that even we have gained all these achievement, the decline is always in the offing. We can never stop our step.
If you have any suggestions, or comments, please feel free to advise us. We value that as the most pivotal impulse for our pace forward. We, at Dasqua, will keep striving to ensure our blue products are the best for you as before, and always into the future!

Yours truly
The Dasqua team

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